sense no sense


4th - 27th July 2014
Exhibition - Open Call
Deadline 30th May 2014

Shedhalle Tübingen e.V. is a contemporary art forum in the university town Tübingen, located on the former area of the town's slaughterhouse. The association Shedhalle provides an arena for the presentation, development and creation of contemporary art.

Exhibition place
The Shedhalle is situated close to main university buildings and is within easy reach of Tübingen town centre. The large and bright exhibition hall provides around 1000sqm exhibition space and can be partitioned by flexible room dividers; therefore different conceptions of space are possible.

Subject: sense no sense
The call for proposals is open to artists whose creative work reflects or questions themes and aspects of human perception and its processing.

Possible topics and themes include
  • Contextualizing, constructing and making sense of what is perceived on an individual scale as well as on the level of society
  • Questions of producing and maintaining meaning and symbolic order
  • The challenge of the perceiving subject and its sense of self
  • The explicitly artistic conception as it relates to everyday or scientific perception
  • Trying to uncover unconscious processes of perception
  • Asking the artist himself for his impulse and drive to shape meaning and form, and how he stays within individual disciplines or moves beyond them
To challenge and irritate the viewer in his sensory perception and individual interpretation of meaning the following themes might also be suitable
  • Boundaries between figurativeness and abstraction
  • semantic complexity and phenomena of multistable perception
  • stimulus satiation and vacuity of information, ambiguity and uncircumventability, delusion and vision, utopia and hallucination

The open call is directed to visual and performing artists. You have to consider that the hall is not a clean white cube. The local conditions (no air conditioning, possibly high air moisture) have to be taken into account.

Additional programme
During the exhibition additional events are intended. Proposals for performances, concerts, lectures, workshops, etc. are highly welcome.


  • Opening Friday, 4th July 2014, 7pm
  • End Sunday, 27th July 2014, 5pm

Deadline for application: 30st May 2014
Please send your application documents to:

Shedhalle Tübingen
Schlachthausstraße 13
72074 Tübingen

or via email: ausschreibung[ät]

Announcement of participants:
until Sunday, 8th June 2014 per email

Set up of the exhibition:
Saturday, 28th June 2014

Return of artworks at the end of the exhibition:
Sunday, 27th July 2014 from 5pm to 9pm
We can not store artworks after the exhibition.

  • Documentation material - pictures, prints and description of the artwork - not exceeding A4 , no originals
  • No application as DVD, CD. Exceptions for performance, film, sound, media, lectures or the like (if so please enclose screenshots)
  • Application form [DOWNLOAD]
  • CV
  • Catalogues, if they are connected with the submitted work
  • In the case you want your application material returned please add a franked envelope with address

Exhibition conditions:
  • The exhibited artworks are insured
  • Transport is managed by the artists on own risk and costs
  • If there is an entrance fee for an additional event like performances, concerts, ... the revenue will be given to the artist
  • If possible bring your own technical material (monitors, DVD-player, ...)

The jury consists of members of the Shedhalle e.V. together with an external juror. They will be announced.

If you would like to see the space in advance, you can visit the Shedhalle during previous exhibitions or events or make an appointment via email.

Shedhalle Tübingen e.V.
sense no sense
Schlachthausstraße 13
72074 Tübingen

Mail: info[ät]

Tel: +49 7071 1462 705 (with voicemail)